Mille plongées à Laka Lodge

Merci !

Homes as Unique as You

Our thanks go to all our friends who were involved from the early days; Gianni Di Marco, with whom we started this great adventure in 2014, Laszlo Jankewitz, our first instructor, Steve Notari, our second instructor who also made our first YouTube appearance with Lovely Moheli, Philipp Oppermann, our third instructor who also shared with us his experiences in the world of Social Media and marketing, Patrick Masse, who made the beautiful video “Mohéli, le Jardin des Comores” and published a great article too, Pascal Kobeh who produced a beautiful article with his wonderful photography and Gérard Carnot, director of our partner Ultramarina , who always believed that our destination would slowly but surely find its way to the diver’s community.

Thank you Katt Andryskova, our instructor and great social media communicator; Yasseb Hamidi, our Diving Guide; Jon Hildebrandt who manages the lodge with great “doigté”, but who always is ready to jump in when the need is high; and Richard Krebs, our very responsible Manager of Laka Lodge Diving; and our boat pilots, Chehane, Nafion, and Deca, our guides, Bassala and Bats, and many more fishermen of our village giving us a hand when the need is there.

We also wish to thank our newly found friends and lovers of Moheli, Dr. Larry and Bonnie Mc Kenna and Pam and Mike Miller, Directors of the beautiful S.O.L.O. initiative and Michel Labrecque and Julie, of the very professional communication company N2PIX who, together with their friends, embraced wholeheartedly our cooperation to produce great content for the American and Canadian diver’s community.

You all made it possible for us to show the beauty of the underwater world of Moheli to our guests who travel long distances to visit us. The very positive reviews of our divers speak for themselves.

We are very grateful for the important efforts you all made and that allowed us to bring a high quality scuba diving experience to our guests and put Moheli on the map of scuba diving and conservation of one of the last frontiers of our planet showing great biodiversity.

I hope to meet some of you at the Salon de la Plongée next year in Paris, January 11-14, 2019. We will also be present this year at DIVE 2018 in Birmingham, October 27-28, 2018 and DEMA 2018 in Las Vegas, November 14-17, 2018. You may also come across a presentation about our destination at next year’s great and oldest Diving Fair in Boston Sea Rovers 2019, March 8-10, 2019. If you can, please join us!

Hans and Jana